Elena's Mercado

A Market Place to get all your Spanish Products, Cooking Equipment 

& Spanish Themed Party Decorations

Why Choose Us?

All our products are sourced from Spain and are 100% authentic Spanish.

We pride ourselves in providing an authentic Spanish experience in everything we do

We accept Mastercard, Visa and PayPal

I have bought your paella rice at the Berwick Sunday Market

It was the best rice I have ever used to make my own paella

Thanks Elena for a wonderful product


About Us


My name is Maria Elena Rebolledo Montilla and I own and operate ‘Elena’s Paella’ together with my husband, Joe.

I was born in Madrid, Spain and my family dates back many generations.

I was raised by my abuela (grandmother) and when I was a young girl my abuela taught me how to cook the traditional family paella, as did her mother and her mother before her.

I came to Australia in 1985 after meeting my husband, Joe overseas.

I started cooking paella for family and friends, they all told me that I should share my paella with all of Melbourne.

Many of my customers have asked  me for Spanish products, paella pans and  cooking equipment, so it was time to open our online store with authentic Spanish products  


We are based in Berwick and local pick up is available 


116 Earlsfield Drive, Berwick. Victoria 3806 Australia